Drumparade founder Chris Lacinak began the label in 2003 with the release of Primitika/ Primitika. Since then the label has managed to release 5 recordings of original music. Surviving minor setbacks like the great flood of 2005 in New Orleans causing the loss of the recording studio the label has not given up. Presently promoting its artist and looking forward to new music that is on the horizon drumparade is on the move.

In 1992 Chris Lacinak began recording original music on a 4 track recorder. He had been living and working as a full time musician in New York City for two year prior following a move from his home town New Orleans. In between playing gigs teaching and practicing his craft he began recording original music on his 4 track. Honing his engineering and performance skills he was under the opinion that if you can make it sound good on a 4 track the rest would be easy. A few years later a friend loaned him an Adat 8 track. Armed with the portable device he began enlisting musicians to work on the his compositions,' Not realizing it at the time it would be the start of Drumparade records .He went on for several years developing the music. One day from a neighbors  loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn he heard someone playing digieridoo and thought I have to have that on my music. The title song Primitka, inspired by his soon to be friend Hadley Averil. the Digigeri Doo virtuoso became the name of the release The Primitika recordings  appeared it's self to be a chill , meditation concept. Long time friend Jane Brody performed the icing on the cake vocals . It was a repose to escape the hussle bussle on New Your City. The music was finally released on a CD in 2001
     It was about that time Chris moved back to New Orleans where the next project would include many old friends and be his debut solo recording, Boom.
Boom would be a project with a jazz sensibility. The rhythms of New Orleans are apparent and masterfully played by all the musicians. A home coming event following a 10 year stint in New York City. The record was introduced at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in 2004. 
Following the devastating interruption of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina and  the Flooding of New Orleans Chris relocated to Colorado. While there he began playing gigs under The New Orleans Heard. To keep the New Orleans sound his friend Frederick Shep Sheppard would fly up from Phoenix Az. were he had relocated to play gigs. It was eventually decided on to record Shep a featured record. He was such a great player and needed to be recognized. He had played with Fats Domino, Ray Charles, Treme Brass band but never had a featured recording. With the help of Renew Our Music and The Jazz Foundation of New York City the sessions were recorded in January 2007. Two releases were produced in Boulder Co. during 4 day session. Tradition ' (The Habari Gani Sessions) and Habari Gani . Tradition went on to be nominated for best contemporary jazz cd of 2008 by New Orleans music mag. Offbeat (Best of the Beat). Habari Gani is expected  to receive a full release in 2017. During the Sessions Shep would occasionally mention how great it would be to have some of his other New Orleans friends on the recording. In luie of his last wishes sort of speak Lacinak brought the music back to New Orleans and enlisted those mentioned to overdub. One last performance with Shep that lives on. Many tears were shed as the subsequent sessions took place
The saddest experience as Shep died just 3 weeks following the recording session, RIP Shep. It was quite an emotional endeavor from then on to release the music. Shep was a dear friend and a great loss. We can only honor him now by appreciating what he was able to leave behind on his last days.
Following these sessions a break occurred. Lacinak spent time  on the road jumping between performances with Henry Butler and Papa Mali. He also produced projects for other people.
Drumparade's latest release Jamkronic by Junko Beat broke the hiatus. Released in 2016 it is the bands debute. The band spent 2 years developing the music. The band performs currently and is working on a southmore release. 

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